UCANBE Brand Crystal Luster Glitter Eyeshadow Powder Pigment Metallic Shiny Holographic Eye Toppers Single Eye Shadow Makeup

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UCANBE Brand Crystal Luster Glitter Eyeshadow Powder Pigment Metallic Shiny Holographic Eye Toppers Single Eye Shadow Makeup
UCANBE Brand Crystal Luster Glitter Eyeshadow Powder Pigment Metallic Shiny Holographic Eye Toppers Single Eye Shadow Makeup

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Eye Shadow


Satin, Glitter, Radiant, Shimmer, Luminous, Natural

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Single color/multi-color

Single color


Waterproof / Water-Resistant, Brighten, Natural, Long-lasting, Easy to Wear, Other


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Waterproof / Water-Resistant


200 reviews for UCANBE Brand Crystal Luster Glitter Eyeshadow Powder Pigment Metallic Shiny Holographic Eye Toppers Single Eye Shadow Makeup

  1. n***s

    WOOOOW! beautiful loose glitter shadow! its a purplish glitter shade, i love the color! but you deff NEED a glitter glue with it! using it without a sticky base it dont seem that good, or dosent stay on for long either but when you DO use one its soooooo stunning and it stays in place, an makes the base color an glitter really show its true beauty an it makes it really pop!!! im loving it! shade 05 is just beautiful when/if applied correctly! i recommend this with a glitter glue or any tacky base! very pretty! thank you seller!

  2. T***a

    Shade came well packed, whole jar right up to the top. The resistance is not clear, but think the base is good to stay. Color is very nice, the sun straight gorgeous shimmering. The photo of course is not visible. Will order other colors also.

  3. Anonym

    Thanks I’m funny for items but j’e still not yet received package I n’ai

  4. k***k

    Beautiful shadows, powder. Well packed. Open carefully, so as not to wake up.

  5. O***a

    Quality is good, but I don’t like. It Is Difficult To use, spilling on face and leave a lot of sequins. the hand дуохром beautiful for centuries is not particularly clear, some Pearl brown shade. packaging is good.

  6. k***k

    Go for a long time. beautiful, shiny. must be applied to the main matte shadow. the Effect Of holiday, for make-up and for the holidays!

  7. D***i

    Shipping to Switzerland took 18 days. It’s soo beautiful! The container is pretty small but you don’t really need to use a lot! you could also mix it with other eye shadows. I ordered #03 and I was able to mix it with orange and some rose shades. I like it and I will order again for sure 🙂

  8. V***v

    Gold powder. Look into the case. Until you try.

  9. b***b

    Container is thought to be more. The quality of pritenzy

  10. f***r

    Pretty color, love it!

  11. D***n

    Shadows chic, seeing a large grinding thought to open a dispute, applying on the eyelids realized that they perfectly spread. Came in a branded package and a box))

  12. t***t


  13. d***l

    Very good seller

  14. j***o

  15. D***v

  16. L***a

    Unfortunately, i did not receive the order. Ordered in november, now march. The money was returned.

  17. U***b

    And they sat down, and demanded the foundation, and they came in.

  18. S***a

    Ordered november 24, waited for three months, then opened a dispute. I expect a refund, it’s a pity when you wait a long time and do not receive your goods, it’s a pity for the time spent. The seller assures me that the goods are still on the way, and will certainly come, which i highly doubt. Requests that i put 5, and paid for the goods when he comes!

  19. T***a

  20. a***v

  21. S***a

  22. A***a


  23. Anonym

  24. k***a

    How long have i waited for them? Two months they went to voronezh. But they met all my expectations. Thank you very much. The seller is well done. I ‘ve always been in touch.

  25. K***s

    Color for brown eyes suitable .. pechment good

  26. J***c

  27. t***o

  28. A***o

  29. Anonym

    Vera good product!

  30. k***k

    Sent quickly. Thank You

  31. K***a

    All OK, recommended!

  32. j***a


  33. L***r

  34. M***u

    well received, thank you

  35. L***a

    The goods did not receive. Waiting for a refund

  36. v***a

    It looks very nice.

  37. A***a

  38. M***a

    Chic pigments.

  39. L***i

  40. R***v

  41. E***d

  42. L***a

  43. A***a

    Normal shadows, very long shipping

  44. S***a

  45. M***i

  46. a***a

  47. a***a

  48. P***k

  49. M***a

  50. E***a

  51. e***n

  52. D***o

    I didn’t. Opened a dispute. The money was returned. I do not understand how many stars to leave

  53. I***a

  54. v***t

    Shadows were ordered on 20.01.19 at the moment did not come. and shows that the order was received. it is not possible to open a dispute.

  55. A***a

    Do not look like in the picture

  56. H***a

    A large jar, but the pigment emits a black haze (you need to put on the substrate) photo no, there is no possibility

  57. A***o

    Shadow bomb!!!

  58. M***o

    So pigment, there is better

  59. N***a

    The order is satisfied.

  60. O***o

  61. K***a

    Excellent shadows with beautiful overflows-from purple to bluish green. Base golden brown. The jar is full to the edges, it is applied economically, but it is mandatory on the base-it is very much sprinkled.

  62. f***r

    Compliant very pretty!

  63. E***a

    The goods did not come-the money was returned quickly

  64. N***o

  65. s***t

  66. E***n

    Very beautiful shadows

  67. Z***a

  68. K***o

    Very small jar, but the shadows are beautiful!

  69. N***a

    Money seller returned

  70. J***a


  71. Y***.

  72. A***i

  73. M***n

  74. M***s


  75. Anonym

    Very cool, i will order more

  76. a***l

    exactly as described thanks

  77. A***a

    The goods are not delivered, after 2 months opened a dispute, prod it was not accepted and another month of waiting, then ali took my side money should return, but the goods are not!!!

  78. I***v

    The goods did not come! Opened a dispute, the money was returned!

  79. A***c

    All super recommend

  80. Anonym

    Made an order on january 17, came only today. Ordinary sequins.

  81. N***o

  82. m***a

  83. T***a

    Shadows are cool, sequins. Not yet used

  84. m***m

    The goods have not been sent, the seller will reply with one and the same message

  85. s***a


  86. K***Z

    The color certainly does not match, will go

  87. A***y

  88. E***z

    The product received is nice but does not pigment much and the powder is large in size, which is difficult to distribute in the area where you want to apply it because it falls easily. For the price it has it is a good product but there are better ones for a little more price. The fast service
    Thank seller

  89. M***a

    Very long walked, had to even open a dispute, extended 2 times. As a result, came) the box is small, but the colors are beautiful

  90. T***a

    I order a second time, i like it very much

  91. Z***a

    Good pigment

  92. M***a

  93. E***a

    The goods did not come, the money was returned.

  94. A***i

    Super shadow!!

  95. o***a

    Good shadows

  96. Anonym

    My favourite eyeshadow pigment

  97. L***l

    Shadows are not as shade as in the photo. The color is not cold (even in my photo it came out cold), but in fact warm brown, even with red. There were two months. Already the period of protection has expired, i opened a dispute, but the seller refused to return the money, asked to wait another two weeks. And they did. The dispute closed, but the shadows are very unhappy

  98. B***l

    Fully for satisfaction!! colored too UK long and this look

  99. Anonym

    Very good quality. what you need. Good packing, the parcel came in a month, not tracked. Thank you!

  100. g***e

  101. z***z

    The goods went almost 2 months, but due to problems with our mail, i received it not 27.03, but 4.05
    The seller is not to blame. The order is very satisfied, the pigment falls well, does not fall asleep, keeps just fine. I will order more. Special thanks to the seller for courtesy, attentiveness and patience))

  102. A***a

    The wearing. Shadow gives beautiful effect on Palm, however applique for eyelid is real koszmarem. Nakladalam finger, trying to rozetrzec mozliwie best as we could, but and so powstawaly streaks. Durability approx 4-5 hours, later starts brzydko collect in załamaniu eyelids. Summarize-beautifully the Mieni, however glow this disappears soon: D

  103. Anonym

  104. M***a

    Highly recommend aczkolwiek a little off osypuje

  105. Anonym

  106. J***a

  107. J***a

  108. K***a

    Small but remote

  109. D***a

  110. J***s

  111. Anonym

  112. Anonym

    Money returned

  113. Anonym

    Good product, very bright pigment

  114. M***a

    Everything’s fine. I liked it.

  115. A***a

  116. N***I

  117. Anonym

    The goods did not come, but the money was returned

  118. M***a

    Long went but the shadows are very beautiful

  119. s***f

    a little bit different.

  120. O***k

    The goods did not come, but the money was returned

  121. v***v

    Just a bomb, the only thing, oooochen long waited, but they just like inglot…

  122. Anonym


  123. V***a

    Small shimmer, beautiful shadows)

  124. C***o

  125. K***s

  126. K***s

  127. A***h

    19 days delivery to belarus. Large grinding of sequins. A large volume for pigment, but in the shower always want more. Well worn on glue for pigment. When rubbing, it gives a good shade. A little later i’ll scrub my makeup

  128. K***a

  129. K***a

  130. F***f

    Maaagnific, thank you very much

  131. J***l

    Shipment attributed doręczona 24-05 04-09-2019-2019. Doręczona whole, recommend

  132. Anonym

  133. A***n

  134. F***s

  135. Anonym

    Good looks

  136. I***e

    Great item!

  137. t***k

    Super, really like. For a long time i use)

  138. E***a

    Very pigmented shadows, the product is super)))

  139. Anonym

  140. J***a

  141. R***a

    The goods did not come, but the seller is honest and the money was returned.

  142. L***l

  143. E***a

  144. D***a

  145. D***a

  146. Anonym

    Corresponds to the described.

  147. Anonym

  148. N***u


  149. f***o

  150. S***o

  151. S***o

  152. o***s

    Nothing special, i did not really like it, not resistant at all, like chalk

  153. A***a

  154. K***a

  155. N***V


  156. V***o

    I have not tried it yet, but the whole came, the delivery is standard to minsk 3-4 weeks

  157. Anonym

    Pot small but I’m satisfied

  158. c***c

  159. Anonym

    beautifull eyeshadow,shipping 45 days,thanks

  160. k***k

    Great item

  161. a***a

  162. M***a

  163. C***e

    Very small but pretty

  164. j***o

  165. L***n

  166. D***a

  167. Anonym

    Unfortunately did not come, the money was returned quickly

  168. A***n

    Very long shipping

  169. R***a

  170. Anonym

    Very long delivery, came in 3 months. Quality corresponds to the description, very beautiful shadows.

  171. Anonym

    Very nice color

  172. A***a

    They never came (

  173. D***a

    Beautiful, high-quality pigment. The color corresponds to the photo. Packing quality. It was long, 2.5 months, the parcel was not tracked

  174. e***o

    The goods never came. Money returned

  175. Anonym

  176. A***a

    Wow!!!Sparkles and glitters.Suggest seller by far!!!

  177. T***a

    Good pigment. Glitters awesome

  178. N***o

  179. V***a

  180. L***a


  181. O***a

  182. E***a

    The item is not very similar to the one shown in the picture-the tube is much smaller

  183. D***a

  184. Anonym

  185. v***v

  186. R***r

  187. D***a

  188. S***a

  189. M***o

  190. E***a

  191. v***m

  192. Anonym

  193. Anonym

    Excellent pigment, i recommend to buy!

  194. o***a

  195. M***a

  196. d***d

  197. L***o

  198. Anonym

  199. D***a

  200. m***a

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